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Managed Cloud Services in CT

Let Us Help You Manage Your Business in the Cloud.
Offering You Expertise Across the World's Leading Clouds.

The Computer Company can help you manage most cloud services.

We'll Help You Match the Right Managed Cloud Service for Your Business

With our Managed Cloud Services, you will get database experts working with you one-on-one to improve your business.

Proactive Detection Against Leading Cyber Threats

Every day, your business is at risk for a security or data breach. These breaches can come from anywhere in the world, without warning, and target any part of your business. So…. What are the risks to your business data?

No doubt you have seen the news, computers and the information more then ever are vulnerable to wide variety of threats.

Malicious software. All computers, especially those connected to the internet, are vulnerable to attacks, viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware that can exploit weaknesses and damage data.

  • Cyber crimes from hackers that attack and try to access your computer for malicious reasons.
  • Viruses, Spyware, Ransom-ware are other obvious ones.
  • Unexpected events like old server cables can also take down a business overnight.
  • Human error. Even an employee can accidentally delete critical files.


Web Site Hosting Backed by Expert Managed Cloud Services

Whether you need a scalable platform, a custom designed site architecture, software support or have strict security compliance requirements, we are there for you with our help-desk support staff.

Our Ecommerce Hosting

We understand ecommerce and how smoothly things need to run. Our knowledge and skills will help you increase your ROI and keep your business running.

Managed Cloud Services and our hosted cloud storage deliver software applications, data access, data administration and storage for everyday businesses saving time and money. The Computer Company can save you the time and headache and monitor, track, configure and keep your servers secure.

Our experienced Network Engineers can work with your current setup, or help you improve it. Whether it’s a dedicated server, private cloud or shared resource, with our Managed Cloud Services we can provide a smooth transition to the cloud at a very competitive price. It’s time to unshackle daily operations from yor local data center and rely our dedicated team of professionals.

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